GorillaGrip Competition Bumper Plate 25 kg

SKU: GG102-CCBP25 EAN: 8719699861534

Bumper plates are plates of varying weights that are put on either end of a barbell and fastened with collars. Competition bumper plates are more accurate and colored in accordance with their weight. They have a diameter of 450mm (IWF standard), with a collar opening of 50.40mm. The rubber exterior of the zinc-plated steel disc ensures that the weight can be dropped with minimal bounce, without damage to the plates or exercise intended flooring, making the plates suitable for (Olympic) weightlifting exercises and workouts.

Economic quality plate.
Minimal bounce.

Color: red
Weight: 25.0 kg
Diameter: 450 mm (IWF Standard)
Collar opening: 50.40 mm
Insert: zinc plated steel
Made in China

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