GorillaGrip Ultimate Metcon Plates 10LB each / 20LB pair

SKU: GG602-PL20 EAN: 8719699863101

Ultimate Metcon Plates 10LB each, sold per pair

The Metcon tactical Vest (MTV) is a unique and unprecedented weight vest. Made to optimally improve your training, the MTV has been created with the experience of combat quality gear. The vest is made with the finest materials available and the latest European design and comfort technology.

In combination with the Ultimate Metcon Plates (UMP), the Metcon Tactical vest is the best weight vest on the market. No other weight vest can compete with the comfort, the quality and the results that the MTV offers.

Our plates are SAPI 10'x12' standard. You can wear them with all vests currently on the market, including 5.11 and Uncommon (JPC Crye Precision, Lbt, Mayflower, Condor... and any other vest that is compatible with 10'x12' plates).

Different weights:
5 Lbs (10 lbs / pair): for those new to weighted vests.
75 Lbs (15lbs / pair): official competition weight for women.
10 Lbs (20 lbs / pair): official competition weight of all WODs involving a weighted vest for men.

Multifunctional handle:
The UMPs have comfortable handles that allow their transport and even their alternative use in exercises.

Special Varnish:
Over the Ultimate Metcon Plates we have used a rust-resistant and scratch-resistant baking varnish that offers exceptional resistance to salt, water, sweat, solvent, chemical, trichloro and diameter.

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