GorillaGrip Junior Barbell 10 kg

SKU: GG104-ZN-OB10 EAN: 8719699863378

A barbell is a long bar for weightlifting. Plates of various weights are placed on both ends to increase the total weight that has to be lifted. A Junior barbell weighs 10kg without plates or collars. Our barbells are made of black zinc, with a diameter of 50 mm.

Weight: 10.0 kg
Material: black zinc/Chrome
Diameter: 50 mm
Marking: Dual Marking without Center Knurl
Tensile Strength: 190-210K PSI
Maximum weight: 1800 lb
Structure: 6 Special Bearings + 2 Stainless Steel bushings + End Caps
Measurement: 1700 x 25 mm


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€ 269.00

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