GorillaGrip Slam ball 20KG

SKU: GG604-SB20 EAN: 8719699864399

The 20 kg GorillaGrip slam ball is made of Kevlar, wear-resistant and durable material. Thanks to these good qualities you have a  great  grip when throwing, catching and handling the ball and you can make the most rigorous exercises with it. A slam ball is mainly used In Crosstraining sessions for sideward throwing exercises or to simply throw on the ground. Because of the diameter of  35.5 cm, this slam ball is also used as a medicine ball for wallball exercises. 

Each GorillaGrip slam ball features an embroidered logo and a weight marking. The ball is filled with a mixture of polyester wool, rubber granulate and cork. 

Material: kevlar
Weight: 20 kg
Color: black
Made in Pakistan

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€ 179.95

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